How to make DNP capsules step by step.


50 capsules at 200mg each

Products and Tools:

DNP powder

cornstarch powder

a size 0 Cap-M-Quik

Size 0 empty capsules

Herb Spread Card

Capsule Tamper(Tamping tool)

Prepared work.

1.After you get the DNP powder,Measure out 10g of DNP powder and spread evenly on a aquare foot of aluminum foil.Let the powder air-dry for about eight hours,until most of the moisture has evaporated .Use a plastic credit card periodically to break up the granules and clumps sp that you have a fine powder.

2.Then weight out 10g of cornstarch(DNP ships out at about either 15% or 30% water by weight so corn strach is needed in the dehydration process in making capsules)

3.Mix DNP powder and cornstarch powde together.Make sure to break up all the clumps.I like to force my DNP cornstarch mixture through one of those really small metal strainers(you can get one at any supermaket,or dept store)that way i know all the clumps are broken up.

4.Then put the powder into a container that has a tight sealing lid.Shakethe powder for a while to get it well mixed.


1.Don't force-dry that DNP in the oven,as it melts at a low temperature.Also don't over-dry the powder,because some of it will get into the air,settle onto your furntiture,and stain it brilliant yellow.Dry the DNP just enough so that the moisture doesn't dissolve the gelatin capsules.

2.You need to wear two layer of rubber gloved,or your hands will get stained bright yellow,so you need to wear two pairs.

3.Also,don't do this in your kitchen,because it is easy to get everything in the immediates areas stain yellow.

Steps by steps:

1:get a size 0 Cap-M-Quik.Fill it with empty capsules halves.Separate the capsule into two parts:the top cap which you will put into a bowl,and the bottom base which you will place one by one into the Cap-M-Quik capsules machine.

2.Measure out 10g of DNP mixed powder and then dump in into your Cap-M-Quik tray, spread evenly into the capsules using the accessory Herb Spread Card

3:Once you have the powder distributed evenly,use the accessory Tamper to pack DNP mixed powder into the capsules.Repeat until capsules are filled to your satisfaction.

4:Turn the two risers 90°allowing the holding tray to drop to the base.Place caps on filled capsules individually and push down until lids click shut.This will give you 50 capsules at 200mg each.

Following pictures are shared by my client,he made the dnp into capsules by himself.